Holiday Bootie Buster FAQs





1 point per mile

1 point per 3 miles

Weight lifting
1 point per 15 minutes
Intense yoga can use this system
1 point per 20 minutes

High impact cardio
1 point per 10 minutes
Spinning, kickboxing, Zumba, Snow showing
Low impact cardio
1 point per 15 minutes
Skiing, Water aerobics, low impact cardio class
1 point per day
{max 7 per week}
8 glasses of H2O
1 point per day
{max 7 per week}
5-7 servings of fruits and veggies – ideal is 7-9 aim to be a superstar!
Facebook Participation
1 point per day
{max 7 per week}
Daily check in or answering questions or supporting others

When do I record points? Record them on the master spreadsheet by no later than Tuesday for the previous week to be entered for weekly prizes. {Link in FACEBOOK group}

Examples of counting points: 1 hour cross training class of weights and cardio: 2 points weights and 2 points cardio.
1 hour cross country skiing: 4
3.25 mile run: 3.25 points

Why is it weighted towards running? The majority of readers are runners looking for added holiday motivation…and that’s simply how it was when I started it…seems to get us all out the door a little more.

I don’t have a blog can I participate: Yes, but as noted in tracking points there must be some method for us to see what you’re doing. DailyMile, Facebook or another ongoing tool to provide proof.

Why are people counting in decimals? If you do say .2 miles you want those points or you do 10 minutes of yoga, you certainly want those points. So decimals are just fine.

I don't see my activity listed what are the points? If you did Zumba, the elliptical, etc please honestly gauge your intensity level to determine if it was high or low impact. Many classes are a combo of both so you might have high for 30 minutes and low for 30 minutes.

6th Annual Holiday Challenge is Coming SOON!!

I love that you ask me about this challenge year round because it means this crazy thing works!!! The 6th Edition of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge will open for registration soon!
On tap for this year:
  • Interviews with respected RD's, Ironman Coaches like Chris Freytag, Andrew Kastor, Ashley Kopff and more
  • Weekly email with tips and highlights from the expert chats in case you don't have time to watch the video
  • Over $3,000 in prizes - Wireless headphones, Compression Pants, Asics much more
  • Optional full workout plan

Be ready.

Be excited.

Final Winners

It's way more fun for me to let everyone be surprised when they receive their I'm not saying what each person is getting, just the names.  Just like with HBBC, I had a pile of prizes with numbers and then randomly selected a winner. If for some reason I knew it wouldn't work for you, size, vegan, etc I picked the next prize.

Avg prize value is $25-$50 from goodies like Pure Matters, Sweaty Bands, Oakley Shirts, Running on Air book, Vega One Bars, Vega Sport Recovery Bars

THIS LIST SHOULD GROW - due to an issue with Pure Matters, I am waiting to hear from them before selecting additional winners. Those receiving prizes mailed from me they will go in the mail next week!

Julie - AlwaysRunning
Kathleen -
Kat -
Melissa -
Shelley -
Rhonda R
Nic H.
Michelle S
Kelly J
Samara -
Emily R
Jillian V
Teresa -
Annie -
Arelene -
Amanda -
AmyCVT -
Jenny V
Roni Sue
Barbara -
Shelly C -
Tiffanie -
Stacey -
Jeni -
Jodi -
Andrea -

A few more additions!
Rhonda B
Bev W
Danille D
Briget S
Melanie K
Whitney S
Susan C
Kimberly P

Week 7 Winners

Soooo... did anyone notice I totally got off track with my prizes. I was sending out the email for the following week and then picking the winners for that prize :)

Which means that this weeks winners are actually getting Simply Snackin' jerky! I have been munching on the gluten free jerky to get my protein fix in the afternoon and I love the flavors. It's not your old school teriyaki!

Rebekah P
Donna -
Elizabeth W
Leanne S
Alison C

I'll be doing a bigger shout on on the main RTTF blog for the final week. So keep it up with the #bestfoot on your photos and tweets. You can always post photos on my Facebook page too :)

As mentioned in the group I'd love to feature some of you who feel like the Challenge has helped you push through or meet a new goal. So hit me up with your news!

@debalvarez took this great photo of her view!
 @fitmom830 inspiring us all to keep up the smoothies!
 @fitnwoodbine her daughters are GOREGOUS and no surprise since she doesn't look old enough to be their mom!
 @kidsrunwild enjoying some puppy love

Week 6 Winners

What a week ladies...a little fun to lighten the mood and celebrate your choices to create a better life.

Don't forget to head over to Sneakers and Finger Paints each week to link up your workouts, that will be a great tool for you after the challenge finishes to stay on track!! Or you can always sign up for a little accountability on Mondays :)

Winning a package from Amy's Kitchen are....

Beth P
Denise S -
Janinie -
Miss Prickly -
Lara R

 @kestess with a seriously awesome use of avocado
 @lttlgrlbigwrld with consistent cross training all week long
 @lilmac2442 getting it done and bringing home the hardware!
 @tootallfritz with her fam on a run

Week 5 Winners

It's now week 6...which means next week is it..are you ready? Have you stayed on track? Are you on the way to achieving your goals?

This weeks winners will be getting a great package from SofSole. I'll be reaching out to you for info.

Dana -
Barabara -
Erica -
Nancy -
Joye Mills -

@fitmom830 took full advantage of her families make shift workout space to get it done!

 @debalvarez makes not only tasty, but pretty meals!
 @barkingmadrun looking happy on race day!
 @squishyaz getting her healthy on with black beans and avocado!

Jeni - <<HOLY BATMAN she is a machine!!!
Beth - 
Jen - <<Will she overtake her in the final weeks??

Low Profile
Kelly EM
Tiffanie -
Nic << almost a three way tie here!
Michelle -

Minimalist -- SERIOUS competition here too!!
Nichole -
Erica G -
Ashley N

Week 4 Winners

My brain simply cannot fathom that we are through with week 4 already!! I am amazed at the effort you all continue to put in and I CANNOT wait to hear at the end what changes you are seeing and feeling.

If you had an off week, just know that's ok and it happens and you can choose to have a different week at any moment. I don't know if you can feel my excitement from where you are sitting, but it's HUGE. YOU LADIES ARE AWESOME.

Week 4 Winners will be receiving Aspaeris Pivot Compression Shorts and yes they are totally awesome (technically speaking). I will be contacting winners for sizes or you can email me if you beat me to it.

Sabrina K
Sarah P
LilMac2442 -
Stacey -

Again a personal selection because after running 5 half marathons in 5 days I think she has earned some compression gear...especially since her crazy hasn't stopped and she has more on the horizon.
Erika -

Many your pictures and tweets are awesome. I will see one and it reminds me to do a plank or stretch or add some squash to dinner, I love it! #bestfoot is what I'm watching for!
 @barkingmadrun running with her hubs on Easter, how adorable!!
 @Katsnf giving her self bunny ears because she hopped to the gym on Easter.
 @betybliss enjoying a gorgeous day by hiking
 @kidsrunwild putting in her laps!

Jeni -
Beth - 
Jen -

Low Profile
Tiffanie -
Michelle -
-- hot on their heels is Country Runner Girl -

Nichole -
Ashley N