Spring Bootie Buster Challenge

During winter it's easy to feel like Summer is SO FAR away...then suddenly it's Memorial Day and friends want to go to the lake and you aren't feeling swimsuit ready just yet.  The Spring Challenge is designed to get us all ready, confident and on top of our goals as Spring starts.

Who: Everyone! You'll compete against people at your same level
When: Mar 4 - Apr 21
How: Register by clicking the button above
Cost: $7.50 - $35 depending on options selected

  • Earn 1 point per 10 minutes of activity
  • Earn points for eating 7-9 servings of fruits and veggies.
  • Meet other like minded folks to help you stay on track.
  • Win prizes simply for participation!!
  • Get answers from experts in nutrition, running, cross fit, yoga and more.
    • Michelle Lovvit - Celebrity trainer
    • Susan Becraft - Fitness expert
    • Thomas Taulbee - Holistic nutrition and yoga
    • Mary Baum - Running coach
This 7 week health & fitness challenge is meant to help get everybody get a jump start on feeling great for swimsuit season or stay on track to meet fitness goals. It’s a friendly competition to exercise, eat healthy, and even do a little soul work. There are different fitness levels, so everybody can compete & a multitude of ways to earn points.

A few changes to ensure this challenge is not so heavily weighted towards runners:
1 point for 10 minutes of exercise
1 point daily for drinking your 64 oz water
1 point daily for eating 7-9 servings of freggies (fruits/veggies)
1 point for completion of any WOW

Other daily/weekly points will be in line with the current 30 day challenges, such as 5 minute mornings or healthy start breakfasts. The groups will now be as follows (yes I like the shoe metaphor):

Stability: Avg 10+ hours week
Low Profile: Avg 7+ hours/week
Minimalist: Avg 3+ hours/week

If you aren’t yet at the Minimalist level, let this be your chance to try!! It could be 3 x 60 min beginner’s yoga or 6 x 30 min walking.

Both an excel worksheet and word doc will be provided for personal tracking of points throughout the week.
Final weekly tally will be entered on the group spreadsheet.
Weekly email reminders are sent about prizes, experts, Tweet Chats and tracking.

All prizes are awarded randomly.
To be eligible you must participate (fill out Google Doc).
High point earners will automatically be entered in final prize selection. Points do not mean bigger or better prizes, just entry for a prize.


Kim Estess said...

I may be a little overly eager, but I am all signed up and ready to go! Can't thank you enough for all that you do, Amanda!

Miss Prickly said...

Oh, yay!

Amanda - TooTallFritz said...

I love that you added a point for drinking water. I think this is such an important key to a healthy lifestyle, a healthy body, a good fitness routine and weight loss/management.

Kelly Jezek said...

I'm going to join this time as well. Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Do you have to be in USA to enter?

Melanie said...

just registered!! so excited for the spring challenge!!

Teresa said...

All signed up!!!

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