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We all know I believe in the challenge, but in the words of some participants this is why it works:

The HBBC really helped me increase the amount of fruits and veggies I eat each day! I felt motivated to reach for those when I needed a snack instead of chips or something sweet. It also challenged me to increase the amount of activity I do during the week, and it showed me that just getting up and moving helps! Before the challenge, I thought I could only "count" running or an intense weight workout at the gym as exercise. After the challenge, I learned that just taking a 20 minute walk or doing a few exercises in front of the TV was helping me improve myself!
Amy @ Run with Perseverance

I can't believe how much energy I have since I started doing this. I think that it's because I'm eating so much better. This is the first time I tried to improve my diet by adding fruits and veggies instead of restricting foods.

I worked out before I started this, but the HBBC gave me incentive to work out on days I might have skipped otherwise. I added om yoga and stretching to my routine to get my points, which I will probably continue. I liked posting what I did every day on Facebook.

My kids played along too (informally). They wanted to know, "How many points do I get if I eat this salad?" or "How many points if we run the whole trail?"

Angela Pak a.k.a. Miss Prickly

The inspiration the people in the group gave me has been unmatched elsewhere. Everyone was at different levels of fitness and I learned something new from each one of them. It helped me think more about making sure that my vegetable & fruit servings are hit every day - not just weekdays and I know I'll be thinking more about it for the remainder of the year as well.


I felt that the group members were not judgmental of each other. I loved hearing the sincere efforts of everyone trying to do their utmost. Everyone seemed excited to learn from everyone else. It was a very positive, forward moving group. This was a huge benefit for me. I can do many more hours and days of exercise than before. I feel much more confident in general. I know that I can learn to run and eventually will be able to keep up with my puppy. I want to be able to care for him - he needs lots of exercise (working dog by genes). I liked thinking about what I put into my body each day and being in sync with others doing the same. I eat a greater volume of veggies, more consistently. I liked that Amanda was very humble and responsive to our questions and concerns. 
Vickie Chiodo-Maung 

HBBC helped me stay on track with my fitness routine during a time of year when I am usually completely out of control. I will definitely be back next year!
Rhonda Berlin

It helped knowing there was a group of people out there looking out for me!

HBBC was perfect for keeping me accountable over the holidays. Not so structured that I had to move my life around to be successful. I could still do my favorite exercises, yet I was given opportunities to try something new here and there (I found I've been really missing out on yoga!). I appreciate there was also consideration given to diet considering it's as important as exercise. The support was tremendous and not just limited to the facebook group (Instagram, blogs, Twitter). Instead of feeling like a slug as the new year rolled around, I felt like I was ready to take on the new year. I would participate in HBBC again in a heartbeat.

On November 18th I ran the Philadelphia Marathon. After my previous marathons, the following few months I've given myself a pass to cut back miles and not follow a stringent fitness routine. Because HBBC started on 11/19, I was more motivated to jump right back in (after necessary recovery) and kept up with circuit and cardio workouts through the entire challenge. I checked in with the Facebook group almost every day, sometimes multiple times, and the encouragement and support from other participants held me accountable each day.

I also didn't realize until this challenge how few fruits and veggies (freggies lol!) I was getting in my daily diet - and I'm a vegetarian! I still have a lot of work to do in that area but I'm much more aware of the food choices I'm making throughout the day and at mealtimes.

I'm really glad I made the decision to participate in HBBC and will miss the daily "Best Foot Action" post!

Kim Hellwig -


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