Week 4 Winners

My brain simply cannot fathom that we are through with week 4 already!! I am amazed at the effort you all continue to put in and I CANNOT wait to hear at the end what changes you are seeing and feeling.

If you had an off week, just know that's ok and it happens and you can choose to have a different week at any moment. I don't know if you can feel my excitement from where you are sitting, but it's HUGE. YOU LADIES ARE AWESOME.

Week 4 Winners will be receiving Aspaeris Pivot Compression Shorts and yes they are totally awesome (technically speaking). I will be contacting winners for sizes or you can email me if you beat me to it.

Sabrina K
Sarah P
LilMac2442 - http://www.runningisalife.blogspot.com/
Stacey - http://runworkoutandeat.wordpress.com

Again a personal selection because after running 5 half marathons in 5 days I think she has earned some compression gear...especially since her crazy hasn't stopped and she has more on the horizon.
Erika -http://mcmmamaruns.com

Many your pictures and tweets are awesome. I will see one and it reminds me to do a plank or stretch or add some squash to dinner, I love it! #bestfoot is what I'm watching for!
 @barkingmadrun running with her hubs on Easter, how adorable!!
 @Katsnf giving her self bunny ears because she hopped to the gym on Easter.
 @betybliss enjoying a gorgeous day by hiking
 @kidsrunwild putting in her laps!

Jeni - http://www.evamadera.wordpress.com
Beth - http://tri-girl30.blogspot.com/ 
Jen - http://milesmusclesmommyhood.blogspot.com/

Low Profile
Tiffanie - http://www.tthelast20.blogspot.com/
Michelle - http://www.thelongroadtofit.tumblr.com
-- hot on their heels is Country Runner Girl - http://www.endlessjubilee.blogspot.com

Nichole - http://greyshirtrunning.blogspot.com
Ashley N  http://www.athirsttosparkle.wordpress.com


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

WooHoo! To all the winners and everyone working hard. Keep it up!

thanks Amanda for all the work.

kimmiep said...

Congrats to the winners and love that me n the hubs are pictured!

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