Week 5 Winners

It's now week 6...which means next week is it..are you ready? Have you stayed on track? Are you on the way to achieving your goals?

This weeks winners will be getting a great package from SofSole. I'll be reaching out to you for info.

Dana - http://momrunshalf.wordpress.com
Barabara - http://bkenn723.wordpress.com/
Erica - http://ericafinds.com/
Nancy -  http://www.littlefancynancy.blogspot.com
Joye Mills - http://runningwithjoym.blogspot.com/

@fitmom830 took full advantage of her families make shift workout space to get it done!

 @debalvarez makes not only tasty, but pretty meals!
 @barkingmadrun looking happy on race day!
 @squishyaz getting her healthy on with black beans and avocado!

Jeni - http://www.evamadera.wordpress.com <<HOLY BATMAN she is a machine!!!
Beth - http://tri-girl30.blogspot.com/ 
Jen - http://milesmusclesmommyhood.blogspot.com/ <<Will she overtake her in the final weeks??

Low Profile
Kelly EM
Tiffanie - http://www.tthelast20.blogspot.com/
Nic << almost a three way tie here!
Michelle - http://www.thelongroadtofit.tumblr.com

Minimalist -- SERIOUS competition here too!!
Nichole - http://greyshirtrunning.blogspot.com
Erica G - http://lifeasarunningmom.blogspot.com
Ashley N  http://www.athirsttosparkle.wordpress.com


amy johnson said...

Thanks for posting my black beans! It made my day. :)I can't believe it's almost over. When does the next one start? I have loved every moment of this challenge.

Jodi Tivey said...

Congrats to all the winners!!!

Sabrina K. said...

Yeah for all of you! :)

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

I think reading this was the kick in the butt I needed today to get over my hump! Thanks Amanda!

ready~to~run said...
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