Final Winners

It's way more fun for me to let everyone be surprised when they receive their I'm not saying what each person is getting, just the names.  Just like with HBBC, I had a pile of prizes with numbers and then randomly selected a winner. If for some reason I knew it wouldn't work for you, size, vegan, etc I picked the next prize.

Avg prize value is $25-$50 from goodies like Pure Matters, Sweaty Bands, Oakley Shirts, Running on Air book, Vega One Bars, Vega Sport Recovery Bars

THIS LIST SHOULD GROW - due to an issue with Pure Matters, I am waiting to hear from them before selecting additional winners. Those receiving prizes mailed from me they will go in the mail next week!

Julie - AlwaysRunning
Kathleen -
Kat -
Melissa -
Shelley -
Rhonda R
Nic H.
Michelle S
Kelly J
Samara -
Emily R
Jillian V
Teresa -
Annie -
Arelene -
Amanda -
AmyCVT -
Jenny V
Roni Sue
Barbara -
Shelly C -
Tiffanie -
Stacey -
Jeni -
Jodi -
Andrea -

A few more additions!
Rhonda B
Bev W
Danille D
Briget S
Melanie K
Whitney S
Susan C
Kimberly P


amy johnson said...

Woo Hoo! I am so flippin excited :) Thanks for everything Amanda.

Jodi Tivey said...

Yay!!! So excited!! And congrats to ALL the winners and many thanks to Amanda and ALL the sponsors!!

Amanda - TooTallFritz said...

Yay!!! I love winning!!! Thank you, Amanda! You did a great job with the challenge. I know it's a TON of work and we are all very appreciative.

Sabrina K. said...

Congratulations winners! Good going!

Nic H said...

Thanks!!! Can't believe I actually won something.

Kelly Jezek said...

I am so very excited! Just loved, loved this challenge Amanda! Can't wait for the next one as I'm in for great for my health to be a part of your challenges. Kelly j

Kat @ Sneakers and Fingerpaints said...

I'm on chapter 5 already, perfect prize for my asthmatic self ;)

kimmiep said...

congrats to all the previous winners, and to the new winners as well! Woot!

Katherine said...

My mail man thinks I'm a stalker :) Thanks Amanda for all your work on this challenge. I am so looking forward to the next one ...

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